[ENG SUB] Seo In Guk’s farewell message to the fans of I Remember You



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[ENG SUB] I Remember you EP14 BTS (Seo In Guk Jang Na Ra Park Bo Geum)

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[ENG SUB] I Remember You EP 15 Preview (Seo In Guk & Jang Na Ra & Park Bo Geum)

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[ENG SUB] I Remember You EP 13 BTS Seo In Guk & Park Bo Geum Bromance!

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[ENG SUB] I Remember You EP 10 ‘first kiss’ BTS

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[ENG] ‘I Remember You’ Team (a complete profile)

Through one another they find their own identities: ‘Through you I will find my identity’

“A romantic thriller about a dangerous man and the woman who stalks him. They hide their own feelings while solving crimes and being at war with each other.  Inevitably they fall in love and heal each other”

A dangerous boy !

A boy branded as a monster and a ‘latent murderer’ by his own father’s judgment.  The father tries to protect the boy from the world and the world from the boy.  In order to do so, he isolates his own son from the world.

The boy who was isolated in this way comes back into the world still dangerous but now as sexy as he is dangerous.

There was a girl who was suspicious of the boy.

The suspicion leads her to watch this boy closely and it becomes her habit.. and eventually she becomes his stalker…

Now as a man and a woman they meet as enemies in a crime scene!

They ask each other “what is your identity?”

They investigate, fight, win and lose against each other over and over:  they solve crimes together; they make their own dramas together;  they solve their past dramas full of secret; and they fall in love; and they grow

Through one another they find their own identities:  ‘Through you I find myself’

Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) 

His American name is David Lee. An Associate Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, a consultant to the  New York Police Department and a lecturer on Criminal Justice while living in the US.

He returns to Korea to be a consultant to the Special Criminal Investigation Team

Able to conduct a complete profile and analyze a crime scene in one take, he acts like a Sherlock Holmes with arrogance and a poisonous tongue that makes him dashing but scary.

He has no regards for what others think of him. He is as far as one can be from being called a ‘friend’ ‘an acquaintance’ or ‘a lover’ of anyone.

In short he is charismatic, unlikable, lonely and a dangerous man.

While young, he was judged to be a possible ‘latent murderer’ by his own father who was a police man and a criminal psychologist. A boy who was so odd as to be judged a monster by his own father.  By  coincident or fate he crosses the path with the murderer Lee Joon Young and in return he loses his father and his brother. Hyun’s memory of this tragic event has faded in its aftermath.

Cha Ji Ahn (Jang Na Ra)

Deputy Assistant Commissioner.  A graduate of the Police Academy and a member of the Special Criminal Investigation Team.

Contrary to the stereotypical police fashion, she dresses sophisticated and attractive.

In a time when expressing femininity is thought of as a vice she uses her beauty shamelessly and boldly. ’If I need to, I will use my looks’ and she’s a tough investigator, ‘if I need to I will use my strength.”

She’s been stalking Hyun for a long time. At the beginning she thought of him as a comrade in mutual misery.  Later she sees him as a witness, an accomplice and even a possible key suspect.

She began stalking him when she met him by chance as a child…she considered him very strange.  He was in similar situations as hers but so unlike her.  Since then she’s seen him in different light.

She graduated on top of the class from the Police Academy and started at the main branch to gain access to the secret files on the Lee Joon Young case.

When Hyun gets involved on the file on his return from the US she begins to think she can use Hyun to catch Joon Young.

In order to do that she needs to get close to Hyun….

Lee Joon Ho (Choi Won Young)  

A medical doctor and a scholar of civil law. Whether there is new experimental drug or the forensic investigator is behind the schedule or when there is a difficulty finding material evidence, the front line police officers as well as the forensic investigating team come to the crime laboratory to seek his analysis of the evidence and learn about the different uses of new experimental drug.

As such he is well apprised of all active criminal investigation files. He is also very close to the investigators who come to the lab. He provides important clues to investigations so the investigators seek him out.

He is close to Ji Ahn and other members of the Special Investigation Team.

 Kang Eun Hyeok (Lee Chun Hee)

He is a son of Deputy Commissioner of the Police. He came through the National Examination and he is on a special assignment to the department.

He served as an overseas police agent and returned to Korea to lead the Special Investigation Team.  He grew up in a good  environment and received education as a model student but he is a bit of a ‘show off.’  He prides himself on making the right decisions and expect others to be impressed by them.  He is used to being heaped with praises and compliments but for the first time in his life he runs into a group of people including Hyun and the Special Investigation Team who are not giving it to him.  For this reason he is frustrated each day.

 Jung Sun Ho (Park Bo Geum)

A lawyer in his 20’s.

As the legal counsel for the rich and powerful his work can be unethical at times.  Occasionally he provides legal advice to powerless criminals and prisoners. The odd thing is he is the counsel to all the investigation projects Hyun and the Special Investigations are responsible for.

It appears beyond a  mere coincidence…

Son Myung Woo (Min Sung Wook)  

A Special Investigation Team member who worked his way up through the ranks. A veteran investigator and received a several Sea Eagle awards and a master supervisor. He loathes police academy graduates and treat them like babies and denigrate them though he eventually accept them. He is unable to accept one guy. Hyun, the so-called ‘consultant’. He watches every move Hyun makes and he’s highly affected by him but Hyun could not care less about him.

 Min Seung Joo (Kim Jae Young)

A recent graduate of the Police Academy and a rookie member of the Special Investigation Team.

He is the ‘vitamin’ of the Team with his bright and cheerful personality and the willingness to lend his ear to anyone with enthusiasm.

He shines in undercover operations with smooth acting ability. As the youngest member he is up to date on the latest trends especially in fashion and more than able to keep up with the rhythms of the dancing clubs.   He is highly emotive and full of empathy for others which makes it difficult for him to see families of the victims of crime or criminals in difficult situations.

His nick name is ‘pele’ as well as ‘human vitamin,’

When he begins saying ‘my feeling is’ ‘my thinking is’ ‘my instinct tells me’…he is always wrong. Things usually turn out completely opposite.

Except for one time…

Choi Eun Bok (Son Seung Won) 

A graduate of physics and a member of the Special Investigation Team. His personality matches his nerdy look of a pure science graduate. Though not a forensic science graduate his knowledge surpasses the best of them. He developed his own finger identification system and with huge interest in IT, he is knowledgeable about digital, mobile forensic area. He believes the science is the future in investigation. He is convinced scientific evidence will be the only reliable evidence that can stand up in court as the confession and material evidence become more difficult to get legally.

Hyun Ji Soo (Im Ji Eun)

She is the Special Crime Investigation Planning Officer. She worked with Hyun’s father, Lee Joong Min, in a seonbae-hoobae relationship and became a close friend and a colleague.

Her work always came before the home life and after her divorce she’s remained single. A woman of high ambition she aspires to be the Head of the Police Department.

After Joong Min’s death, he looked after Hyun who had nowhere to go. It was out of her affection as a friend for Joong Min but also out of her own guilt. She was not blameless in Joon Young’s escape from prison. This is a secret no one knows. Most importantly, she is afraid of Hyun learning of this secret.

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[ENG SUB] Seo In Guk sends congratulatory message to Korea 2015

Patriotic  Seo In Guk !

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[ENG SUB] I Remember You EP 14 Preview (Seo In Guk & Jang Na Ra)

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Editor’s Note:

PS: Re-watching (and re-listening) to Min toward the end of video, where we translated him as saying ‘A weak person ended up doing a good deed’ I am thinking it should be “An evil person ended up doing a good deed.”

A weak person in Korean is ‘Yak han sa ram’

An evil person in Korean is ‘Ak han sa ram’

Difference between very closely sounding vowels. ㅏ vs ㅑ ~
I hope you will all appreciate how this could have been mis-heard so easily and therefore mis-translated.

We thank you for your understanding!

[ENG SUB] I Remember You EP 12 BTS Seo In Guk & Jang Nara

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[ENG SUB] I Remember You EP 11 BTS ‘pillow shopping’ Seo In Guk & Jang Na Ra

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[ENG] I Remember You Seo In Guk threatened by a woman, Jang Na Ra runs to save him

Seo In Guk is threatened by a woman?…Jang Na Ra ‘a woman?’ and runs

2015-08-03 00:24 [Reporter Lee Kwang Hyo of Aju Kyung Jae]

In Episode 13 of the KBS Monday Tuesday drama ‘I Remember You’ Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) will be threatened by a woman.

Cha Ji Ahn (Jang Na Ra) learns someone is trying to kill Lee Hyun and deploys all her energy to protect him.  In the process Cha Ji Ahn suspects Lee Joon Ho (Choi Won Young) could be the murderer Lee Joon Young.  She puts pressure on him by saying ‘however far he goes, all he could be is a murderer.’

In the middle of this Cha Ji Ahn runs to somewhere after communicating with someone by phone and asking ‘Is something going on with Lee Hyun?… A woman?’

Lee Hyun gets called by a woman and goes to meet her and she appears to be among the people who is threatening him.

So who is the person threatening Lee Hyun and what is her story? KBS M/T drama ‘I Remember You’ airs at 10 pm on the 3rd (of August).


Translation of http://www.ajunews.com/view/20150803002244238

[영상]‘월화드라마 너를 기억해 13회예고’서인국,어떤여자에 위협당해?..장나라“여자요?”달려가

아주경제 이광효 기자=3일 방송될 KBS 월화드라마 너를 기억해 13회에선 이현(서인국 분)이 어떤 여자로부터 위협을 당하는 내용이 전개된다.

누군가가 이현을 죽이려 하고 있다는 것을 안 차지안(장나라 분)은 이현을 보호하기 위해 총력을 기울인다.

그러면서 차지안은 이준호(최원영 분)가 살인마 이준영일 것으로 직감하고 이준호에게 “그래봤자 살인마죠”라며 이준호를 압박한다.

그러던 중 차지안은 누군가와의 통화에서 “이현에게 무슨 일 있어요? 여자요”라고 말하고 달려간다.

이현은 어떤 여자가 불러 그 여자를 만나러 갔고 그 여자가 바로 이현을 위협하는 인물 중 하나로 보인다.

과연 이현을 위협하고 있는 사람은 누구이고 무슨 사연이 있는 것일까? KBS 월화드라마 너를 기억해 13회는 3일 오후 10시에 방송된다.

[ENG SUB] I Remember You EP 13 Preview

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