[ENG SUB] Seo In Guk’s farewell message to the fans of I Remember You



ENG_SUB_Seo_In_Guk_s_farewell_message_to_fans_of_I_Remember_You (3)



17 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Seo In Guk’s farewell message to the fans of I Remember You”

  1. Hi Team EngGuk! Sorry to have to bother you with this and for writing to you here in the comments as I don’t know how else to reach you. May I request you to please translate what he said in the clip below when you have the time? No subbing, just a text translation would be enough and will be very, very much appreciated.

    I am so dying of curiosity as to what he said, especially his introduction to the song and his comments at the end. I just felt that he said something meaningful (but I could be wrong). His interaction with the fans in between the “mistakes” is really great and would love to know what transpired. The song is one of my eternal favorites and I think its message and meaning befits him and his journey. Thank you so, so much in advance.


      1. OMG! Thank you! 🙂 The translations/subs you do allows non-Korean speaking followers get to know and understand him more. He is such an amazing person and truly worth knowing. Thank you to your team for all your hard work!

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  2. Just FYI, at the beginning of this video, SIG didn’t like how he was starting the song so he kept re-starting it until he was happy with it. This song is very well known to the audience so they recognized it right away even though SIG purposely did not say the title of the song. The audience (and SIG) seemed to know it is a difficult song to sing so there is an exchange of mutual understanding and respect between SIG and the audience.


    1. Thank you for that information. Indeed, the song is a difficult one and he did a really great job! I have great respect for him and total admiration for his passion and dedication to his craft. He always gives his absolute best in whatever he does.

      More than just listening to his songs, I actually love watching him perform. The way his eyes light up and smiles whenever the crowd sings with him is a sight to behold. It is very genuine. And his relationship with his fans is really amazing.

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  3. Hi Team EngGuk! Apologies as I am here again with another request. I found this video and read somewhere that the three photos on the board taken out (around 7:03 min) represent him and he was to rate himself with stars as a singer, an actor and as his non-celebrity self. Can you please give a brief text translation of his explanations on the stars he gave on each photo? I wonder why he gave his non-celebrity self the lowest score (1 or 2 stars, if I’m not mistaken). Sorry to bother you again but I just don’t know who or where else to ask. 🙂 Thanks so much!


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