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[ENG SUB] I Remember You EP 13 BTS Seo In Guk & Park Bo Geum Bromance!

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[ENG SUB] Seo In Guk ‘Issue and People’ Interview (12.04.19) 이슈앤피플 서인국 徐仁国 ソ・イングク

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This video is a total fan service to the devoted fans of Seo In Guk.

This is Seo In Guk’s appearance in a news program called ‘Issue and People’ in 2012.   He answers questions about his audition preparation for his first acting role in ‘Love Rain,’ the concept behind his new mini-album ‘Tease Me,’ and the heart breaking experience of auditioning for JYP.  His determination to succeed and his positive attitude will move you.

At 17 minutes it’s a long interview but it is a labour of love from Team EngGuk for the fans of Seo In Guk.  We hope you like it.

[ENG] Seo In Guk’s ‘Law of the Jungle’ #1 by far

Translation of ‘정글의법칙’ 시청률 압도적 1위..’나가수’와 3배 차이

TV Report 15.04.04 08:53


‘Law of the Jungle’ topped the ratings far ahead of all its competitors in its time slot.

According to Nielsen Korea the ratings for ‘Law of the Jungle in Indochina’ on April 4th was 14.1% an increase of 0.9% from 13.2% of the previous week.

The Jungle was rated 8.6% higher than MBC’s ‘I am a singer (5.5%) and 9.6% higher than KBS2 ‘Drama Special’ (4.5%) making it almost 2~3 times higher than its competitors.

In the April 4th episode, the singer Seo In Guk showed surprising survival skills in the Jungle and stood atop of the rest as the most able Jungle Guy.  From how he beautifully manoeuvred a traditional boat of the local people or perfectly setting a fishing net in the river he received a positive reactions from the viewers.

Reporter Kim Bora:   purplish@tvreport.co.kr

Photo =SBS screen capture

[ENG SUB] Seo In Guk in the “Jungle” (Ep 154 Ch. 2) (15.04.01)


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[ENG SUB] Seo In Guk raps to Memories with a message (15.03.18)

Hello everyone:

If you loved Seo In Guk before you will love him even more when you see the words he put himself into this rap song!  Hope you love them as much as we loved translating them.

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[ENG SUB] ‘Seo In Guk Facial’ from his 24 hour diary in Naver Starcast (15.02.27)

[ENG] [STARCAST] Seo In Guk’s 24-hour diary – Closely looking into him in Japan!

Translation of the Seo In Guk video in the Diary:

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Seo In Guk’s Happy 10,000th birthday Message Event Fan Video by 김빵떡 (KBT)

“Preparing for a new album, the release date not decided” (Interview②)

Translation of 서인국 “새 앨범 준비 중, 발매 시기는 미정”(인터뷰②)

2015.02.23 07:00


The reason ‘the King’s Face’ got viewers’ attention even before it aired was because of Prince Gwanghwe’s character. He was shown in a new light in the drama. How was Seo In Guk going to express this new Gwanghwe? This was a worry for him.

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“My first historical drama was a huge responsibility “ (Interview ①)

Translation of 서인국 “첫 사극 ‘왕의 얼굴’, 책임감이 컸다”(인터뷰 ①)

2015.02.23 07:00


There is a singer, no, an actor who is more charismatic each time I see him. He is Seo In Guk (28).

He creates a stir each time he takes on a project and he once again drew in the full attention of the living room viewers with the historical drama (saguk) ‘the King’s Face.’

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“SuperstarK actor? or a cable actor? I would like to have no labels” (Interview)

Translation of 서인국 “슈스케? 케드전문? 수식어없는 배우 됐으면” (인터뷰) 2015-02-23

81PNrUHI met with the actor Seo In Guk who recently finished the passionate role in the KBS2 TV Special Mini-Series ‘the King’s Face.’  His portrayal of Prince Gwanghwe’s life from the teen-aged years to the throne spanning 20 years contributed to the success of the drama.

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